Thursday, May 26, 2016

Zatoich at Large (1972)

Zatoichi :  Shintarô Katsu

Director :  Kazuo Mori

IMDb : 7.2

Grade :   B


Zatoichi finds a pregnant woman dying, and helps deliver her baby. Before the woman dies, she tells Zatoichi the name of the father.

Zatoichi sets out to find the father, but he father is missing. And the town is completely free of yakuza, But a festival is about to start and a Boss Tetsugoro is set to move in.

The new boss is forcing the daughters of all the people who owe him money in to his brothels. They also extort money from the festival performers.

The local magistrate, who has kept the town free from yakuza, tries to intervene, but there isn't much he can do.

Zatoichi finds the baby's aunt, Oyae, but she is going to be force in to a brothel too, until Zatoichi decides to help her.

Zatoichi goes to the boss and shows him his sword skills as he slices off the clothes of his men. He then tells the boss he shouldn't be so greedy.

When Oyae's brother comes to see her, he thinks that Zatoichi murdered his wife, and stole the money he gave her for his sister.

In pne of the last scenes Zatoichi kills the evil boss, and then heads on down the road. But waiting for him is a ronin who feels the need to test his skills. Zatoich quickly disposes of him.

Not as good as many of the other, but still pretty good.

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