Monday, May 23, 2016

Zatoichi Goes to the Fire Festival (1970)

Zatoichi Goes To The Fire Festival Pic02

Zatoichi :  Shintarô Katsu

Director :  Kenji Misumi

IMDb : 7.6

Grade :   A-


Another film by Kenji Misumi. Also starring Tatsuya Nakadai (Ran, Yojimbo, Kagemusha, Hara Kiri) as the Ronin.

Zatoichi attends an auction and a beautiful woman is sold. Zatoichi follows and helps the woman escape. The woman's husband, the ronin, thinking she was with Zatoichi then kills her.

Zatoichi then goes up a blind yakuza boss who really is evil. There is a fight in a bath with Zatoichi killing naked yakuzas. There is the fixed dice game.

In the end Zatoichi faces off against the blind boss and kills him and then duels with the ronin and finishes him off too.

The movie was  good, but as the production values increase, so does the emphasis on style over substance. It is trying to appeal to a wider audience and is getting away from the quirky, realism of the earlier movies.

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